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#1 Hot New Release!

I was delighted to see today that "Monologues They'll Remember You By" got off to a roaring start on Amazon, hitting the #1 spot on Hot New Releases for Acting and Auditioning!
It's a very gratifying result, especially after all of the effort that went into putting together a book that I could truly feel confident in and stand behind 100%.
But of course, writing a book and marketing a book go hand in hand, and no matter how good the product you're offering is, if your target audience don't know about it, it isn't going to sell many copies. 
So even though the hard work put into creating the book is over, the hard - and in some ways harder - work that goes into promoting it has only just begun. But with an auspicious start like this, I'm more than motivated to roll up my sleeves and start spreading the word!

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