Why Bother?

I must admit that I’d never been particularly comfortable with the notion of a blog, not to mention the word itself (which, to me, sounds vaguely disgusting). They’d always seemed a little too narcissistic and self-involved to my mind - all that time spent writing out what’s on your mind for public consumption. I mean, what on earth does that have to do with playwriting? Well…er…all right, never mind.

So...that said, here’s my first confession: this is actually my second one. I have another on a website that is specific to one of my plays. I had decided that it might be interesting to track the progress of a play I wrote earlier this year (”A Cure for the Common Cold”), keeping a record of its journey from submission to production (in a best case scenario, of course). And, much to my surprise, I found I rather enjoyed doing it. Like this one, it has little to do with any sort of need to share my every tedious thought with anyone willing to listen. In fact, the other blog is password protected and the only person who knows that password is me, so obviously there’s no vanity aspect to it. I simply found it a very nice way of putting everything into perspective and getting my thoughts in order…much like any keeper of a diary or journal, I suppose.

So I have decided to do the same thing on a broader scale. If anyone takes the time to read this blog I will be pleased and flattered, but if they don’t it's really not that important. I’m not writing it to get anyone’s attention, only to filter my thoughts. That said, if anything I share here could ever be of use or benefit to anyone, then I do hope they stumble their way here.

Tomorrow – or soon – I’ll write another entry, giving an update of what’s currently going on in the world of this particular playwright, and hopefully some of it will be of interest. Much of it revolves around a severed human head…


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