Mr. Jonathan’s Big Day

You might think that the inauguration of a new President in the most populous country in Africa would have considerable global press coverage…but alas, no. Yesterday, this event – whilst obviously a matter of great significance for Nigeria’s 150 million people – slipped by with barely a flicker of acknowledgement from the fourth estate. It seems to me that Western media seem completely uninterested in what happens on that continent unless it relates to war, famine, or disease, and consequently frame and define Africa through such a prism for the more casual observers of world affairs. This is a shame, obviously, but I must confess that the main reason that the swearing in of Nigeria’s new president caught my eye was because of something equally facile…his name: Goodluck Jonathan.

How odd, I thought. And yet, how perfect. His parents, in their infinite wisdom, bestowed upon him from the very moment of his birth, a benediction in perpetuity.

Let’s hope that it bodes well for his time in office and that he can do great things for his country and soon bring peace to the Niger Delta. Good luck, Goodluck!

Perhaps one day I’ll write a play about his rise to power, the title of which would simply be “Goodluck Jonathan.” What else do you need?

That said, I'm not sure I'd have been entirely thrilled with them had my parents decided to name me Bestwishes Biss.


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