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Happy New Year All!

A Number 1 Book!

The End of the World on Pixel of Ink!

The End of the World Book Trailer

Merry Christmas!

At Last!

A Stunning Confession

A Familiar Face - Out Now!

The End of the World!

A Familiar Face

Kindle Finds / Kindle Fire

Tap, Tap, Tap...Testing, Testing...

Robert Pattinson Wants My Number!

Release Day! Schism: A Psychological Thriller

Author Interview

“They say you are a man of good… taste.”

Stevie Smith

The Craft…The Movie?

Off Cut Festival Finals

The End of the World ~ Frugal Find of the Day

The Craft


The New Book

The Reader's Guide

Ereader News Today!

Book of the Day!

Heideman Award Finalist

Author Outbreak!

Off Cut Festival


The Weight of Words

I've Had a Facelift!

The Impressionists #6 - WYWH

The Impressionists #5 - Organ Failure

The Impressionists #4 - One Night Only

The Impressionists #3 - A Small Act of Vandalism

The Impressionists #2 - The Replica

The Impressionists - Big Girl

The One-Eyed Guru - Live!

“The Craft” at Riverside Studios, London

Coming Soon!


And They're Off!

Coming Soon...

Suburban Redux

The Treachery of Images

Comma Gain?

Meanwhile, Back in Theatreland...

Guest Interview