The End of the World is Nigh!

Yes it is. My so-called ‘secret writing project’ is just about complete. The reason I’ve been keeping it under wraps from almost everyone I know is because I wasn’t sure it would work. But I think it has and it’s now time for me to push it out into the world.

I have written my first novel. A short novel (about 27,000 words). More precisely – and this is why I thought it a little tricky – I have adapted one of my plays into a novel. Yes, strange indeed, as it’s the wrong way around. Novels are adapted into plays, but virtually never the reverse. However, I had strong feeling several months ago that this particular play could possibly work quite well as a novel. Encouraged by my e-friend, the excellent writer Helen Smith, I took the plunge and went to work.

This was like learning a whole new language for me, as the mediums are very different in their execution. However, after a lot of research and a leap of faith I began the process. And I have to say I enjoyed it greatly. I do like writing prose (as evidenced in the number of lengthy stand-alone monologues I’ve written for the stage) and having the freedom to delve into the corners of the story in ways that you simply can’t in a play was wonderful. I suppose the next step would be to write a novel from scratch, but that still intimidates me at the moment, if I were being completely honest.

Anyway, as I said it’s just about ready for primetime and I will be publishing it as a Kindle edition in the next day or two (providing I don’t get derailed by formatting issues).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the title. It’s called ‘The End of the World’ (based on my play of the same name).

I’ll be pricing it at a whopping 99 cents, so start saving your pennies now!


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