Meanwhile, Back in Theatreland...

All of the work I've been putting into publishing and marketing The End of the World these last few weeks has taken my focus off of my plays, which have been quite active of late. This week my one-act Carbon-Based Life Form Seeks Similar opened in New York as part of the Curan Repertory Company's Notes From The Underground festival. I received a lovely email from the director this week, telling my what a fantastic experience it's been for her and the actors to work on the play, which was very gratifying to hear. I wanted to get up there and see it myself, but at such short notice (the run ends today) it just hasn't been feasible, which is a great shame.

I will be in New York this coming Thursday, however, for the reading of my full-length play The Treachery of Images. It's being given a reading by Heiress Productions, a great company that donates money from all of their productions to various cancer charities. The play was selected by Heiress as a winner in their 2010 Playwriting Competition. From everything the director has been telling me, I've a feeling this is going to be a very intense and memorable evening. The play is very raw and emotionally honest, and if done right has the potential to be a very affecting piece of drama. In it, a husband and wife are dealing with the loss of their daughter, who was brutally raped and murdered. While the wife has withdrawn into a deadened world of anger and bitterness, her husband has taken the unusual step of forgiving his child's killer. This is their night of reckoning.

I'll report back on how it goes. Am I nervous? You bet.


  1. Good luck with the reading. It's great that you got such a good response from the directors for both plays.

  2. Thanks so much, Helen! I put a lot of emotional "sweat equity" into The Treachery of Images, so having a director that really seems attuned to the work is very heartening. I'll let you know what happens.


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