The One-Eyed Guru - Live!

My mystery novelette The One-Eyed Guru is now live and on sale in Amazon's Kindle store in both the US and the UK (and Germany, should you happen to reside there), as well as Barnes & Noble's Nook Books.

I'm hoping it does well and that people will enjoy reading it. It's around 30 printed pages (were it made from dead trees) so I think it could be a great quick summer read for the beach or relaxing in the garden. I'm doing a giveaway for it on LibraryThing, which is a great way to get a book out there, as well as test reader interest in what you're offering. My only concern is that the cover doesn't scare people off - I've been told it looks kind of creepy - which I guess it is. But I like the artwork and I think it certainly gets your attention, which is half the battle in marketing. And anyway, there is a creepy element to the story, so it's not out of place in that sense.

Next up is my collection of first person short stories entitled The Impressionists. I'm excited to get that out, too, as some of those pieces are some of my favourite things I've written.

Which reminds me...back to work....


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