A Familiar Face

This is the cover for my upcoming new short story release A Familiar Face. It’s the first in a collection of short stories based around ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. I’ll be releasing another stand alone story from the collection early next year, with the entire collection following a little later.

Here’s a little about A Familiar Face:

Two elderly women, old friends, meet up in a London café shortly after one them – Dora – has been widowed. As Dora's grief and anger grows increasingly vehement, her good friend Eydie begins to suspect there may be more to her angst than the loss of a loved one. When Dora calmly removes from her shopping bag a large glass jar containing a human head, discussions over its mysterious identity and how it came to be lodged in the cupboard under her stairs lead to some startling revelations.

Nothing odd in that, right?

Hopefully it’ll be out in the next couple of weeks or so. In the meantime…don’t touch that dial!


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