Author's Lament

Author Eloise J. Knapp, the niece of one of my fellow KBers, has put together a little Youtube video entitled "Author's Lament: 5 Emotional Stages of a Bad Review". She'd asked that it be shared around and I'm more than happy to help do just that as I think it's hilarious and rather brilliant.

Yes, negative reviews, 1 star reviews, they are, unfortunately a part of a writer's life. They come with the territory...that territory being the land where you'll never please everybody, no matter how much you wish that were possible. Sometimes, your work will end up in the hands of someone who is not part of your target audience (especially true when doing giveaways or low price promotions), and when that happens...well, it's often not pretty.

Here's part of a 1 star review I recently read on Amazon: ""None of the characters were likable, there was no character growth, and it rambled." What was this particular critique aimed at, you ask? It was for Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, for which there were a total of 68 1 star reviews for it. Yes, indeed.

Anyway, I do hope you'll take the time to view this short video as it's well worth it. And be sure to click the expand button in the lower right corner to view it full screen so you don't miss what she types on her computer.



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