"Cuthbert’s Last Stand" Now Available!

It’s been a long time coming, but Cuthbert’s Last Stand is finally available for purchase at Amazon’s Kindle Store. This is the original one-act play version, although I intend to release a short story version of the script in the coming weeks.

Cuthbert’s Last Stand was one of my early successes as a playwright, and the play has remained popular to this day, largely due to several monologues from the play having been published in various monologue anthologies, such as 60 Seconds to Shine, Volume 1, More Scenes and Monologs from the Best New Plays, and The Ultimate Audition Book, Volume 4.

With a running time of around 30 minutes, the length of the play was fairly standard for a one-act at the time that I wrote it. Since then, however, the meteoric rise in popularity of the 10 minute play has made it seem almost tome-like and quaintly anachronistic. But I suppose that’s quite fitting for a play I often describe as a contemporary comedy of manners.

I’m currently preparing for publication the full-length adaptation I wrote of Cuthbert’s Last Stand, entitled Suburban Redux, which I hope to have released in the very near future. Suburban Redux follows the further adventures and romantic travails of the three characters from the original one-act as well as introducing a new character, the mysterious Trixie. This will also be released as a novella at around the same time as the play’s release.

For now, though, my thoughts are with Cuthbert’s Last Stand as it makes its way onto the virtual bookshelves at Amazon, marking the latest ‘chapter’ in its journey.


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