"The Craft" at Pink Banana!

I’m happy to announce that my short play "The Craft" has been selected by Pink Banana Theatre Co. for inclusion in their 2014 One-Act production this summer. The theme of the show is “The Honeymoon Is Over,” which is certainly true of the two actors plying their trade and faking affection for one another in "The Craft."

The wonderfully named Pink Banana Theatre Co. is based in Milwaukee, WI and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to provide professional opportunities to emerging artists through productions and workshops.

The production is scheduled to take place in June and I’ll have more details nearer the time. No word on casting yet, but there has been rumors of Adele Dazeem being considered for the female lead. One can only dream!

And if you haven’t tried this fun little widget from Slate Magazine yet, give it a go.


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