"The Meta Plays" now Available!

Though it may have appeared as though time itself might actually expire before The Meta Plays would finally be released, in the metaphysical world, that seemingly endless wait for one of the most hotly anticipated works of fiction in the known (and unknown) universe actually took place in the mere blink of an eye.

And so it has arrived, without great fanfare, without fuss, and without any grinding and tiresome ad campaign desperately trying to flog it to death to all and sundry. No, instead it quietly – some might say eerily – materialized one day in that vast expanse of literary agglomeration known as the Kindle Store. And that day, of course, was today…or, if you’re reading this in the future, quite some time ago.

And what better way to ring in the holidays than with a collection of metaphysical short dramatic works hell-bent on tinkering with your jaded sense of reality. Imagine the look on little Timmy’s cherubic face as he wakes up on Christmas morning, delves into his virtual stocking, and finds The Meta Plays staring back at him, questioning his very existence.

So don’t delay, head over to the Kindle Store now and reassess your preconceptions of everything you hold dear. While suspension of disbelief is an unspoken prerequisite of traditional theatre, The Meta Plays goes one step further, one step beyond, asking you to suspend your suspension until your critical faculties have become stretched beyond all reason and recognition. It sounds painful, but it isn’t.

Don’t be shy; come on down the rabbit hole…


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