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Do You Have an Embarrassing Odour?

If you don't, you can get one for just 99c (or about 64p) in the Kindle Store. Yes, that's right, another short story release from the upcoming collection Strange Tales of the Curiously Uncommon is available now. Don't delay!

The complete collection should be released before the end of the month, or early February at the latest.

Now, one of my New Year's resolutions was not to shill my books so much on my blog, so having gotten that out of the way...

Random thoughts:

As of the 15th day of this New Year, we've had 22 murders here in the fair city of Philadelphia. We average around the same number of murders as there are days in a calendar year, so we're off to a bad start. To give some kind of comparison, London, with an urban population of around 8.5 million people has an average of 171 murders a year. The urban population of Philadelphia is about 0.5 million. Yes, it's that bad. There's a reason we have acquired the unfortunate nickname of Killadelphia.


It's Alive!

Yes, it's my first post of 2012 and despite my resolution to shill less often with my posts, I'm starting off the year by doing just that!

Well, in this case I sort of have too, as this is a new book release. Yes, A Stunning Confession is finally live in the Kindle Store! It's a quirky, darkly humorous short story taken from my forthcoming collection "Strange Tales of the Curiously Uncommon". Here's an overview:

As Ron and Jan made themselves comfortable on their sofa, they thought they were settling in for just another quiet night in front of the television. But beneath the surface of this seemingly benign evening of domestic routine, each was withholding a guilty secret from the other, and on this particular evening one of them found they could contain themselves no longer.

Questionable paternity, a murderous child, artificial insemination - all of this paled in comparison to the evening's final, sensational revelation!

I hope to have the complete collectio…