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Guest Interview

This coming Saturday, April 23rd, I will be a guest on Babs World of Book Reviews, so if you're interested, head on over to her terrific book review blog and take a look. And in case you need an additional incentive (but why on earth would you?), I'll also be doing a book giveaway of The End of the World.

Babs gave The End of the World a lovely review on her site last week and it's been a real pleasure getting to know her a little, as she's a terrific person who truly loves books.

Marketing Mania!

All of my time seems to be taken up at the moment by marketing my book. I never knew how much effort it would take. Actually, I suppose I should say, I never knew could much effort it could take, as no one has a gun to my head. But having adapted it and gone through the whole process of making it available, it would be silly to let it just sit there gathering e-dust. So I've been researching and nosing around all over the place to find out the most successful ways to get your book noticed. It's hard! Still, I've always loved a challenge, and until the fire in me turns to apathy I'll be doing all I can. If I find out anything that I think others may not be aware of, I'll be sure to post it.

I just did a revamp of my book's cover. I think it's a bit more impacting now, and despite what adages tell us, we all fall victim to judging a book...

I'm just now waiting for my Smashwords edition to be approved, so that should help. I read a lot of posts on Kindleboa…

The One-Eyed Guru

I've decided that my next project will be to adapt my one-act play The One-Eyed Guru into a short story. Generally, my writing tends to fall into one of two camps: a heightened reality/absurdist style or straightforward realism/naturalism. I didn't decide's just how I write. The One-Eyed Guru was, at the time that I wrote it, the most naturalistic play I'd written up until that point, which was still very early in my writing career. I have no idea where the idea for the story came from, but it appeared in my head one day and I wrote it all out. For whatever reason, I never really pushed that play in any marketing sense, though its had several productions and still generates interest from visitors to my website. But I've never really given it the attention that I honestly think it deserves.

Part of that is the onset of the "anything longer than 10-Minutes will not be accepted" trend in one-act festivals that has taken place over the past decade. B…