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"Broken World" Audio Edition Out Now!

Yes, that's right; the audio book edition of "BrokenWorld {Omnibus}" is now available for purchase at, Amazon and iTunes. It is, of course, narrated by the confoundingly talented Wayne Farrell, who lent his vocal skills to the audio book version of "The End of the World" so brilliantly earlier this year.
So spread the word and grab a copy for yourself and all of your friends and family, your neighbors, vague acquaintances, complete strangers, and...well, just about anybody, really. In nationwide taste tests it's been proven to be the audio book most ears prefer listening to, so start hammering that "Buy now with 1-Click ®" button right away! And let's face it, what's better than a few well-chosen MP3s to pad out those Christmas stockings.
It's available for $6.95 on, or you can pick it up on Amazon for the ridiculously generous discounted price of $6.08. And, of course, if you feel like trying a 30-day free trial …