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Great Review for Broken World Audiobook and a Book Cover Nom!

Well, here we are, almost two weeks into the New Year, and I'm finally making my first blog entry of 2013.

And I'm happy to report that the year's started with some very positive news. Firstly, the alarmingly talented narrator Wayne Farrell and I recently received a terrific review of the audiobook edition of my BrokenWorld short story collection. It was so good to see Wayne getting the kudos he deserves for his work, as he really is that good. And, of course, it was lovely to see that someone enjoyed and "got" those stories as much as the reviewer seemed to. All in all a very gratifying response to our efforts, and I'm very grateful to the Narrator Reviews blog site. 
I was also thrilled to find the cover for The End of theWorld has been nominated on a Pinterest page for Awesome Self-published Book Covers. The page was set up as an antidote to a very mean-spirited blog site that was ridiculing what it considered to be the worst self-published book covers out t…