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“The Craft” in London

I’m very pleased to report that “The Craft” will be performed in London next month as part of an evening of short plays produced by the artists collective Fractured Lines. Fractured Lines brings artists together, creating opportunities for experimentation and development, fusing live performance and film to heal the divide between creators and consumers of art. The group produces a bi-monthly evening of complementarily themed plays under the title “Blaggards”. 

“The Craft” will be presented as part of Blaggards on the September 8th at COG ARTSpace, a new studio theatre space on the border of Hackney and Islington showing the best in new theatre, stand-up, spoken word and more. If you can make it along, they’re located at 113 Southgate Rd, above the De Beauvoir Arms, London N1 3JS.
I hope all involved have a great time rehearsing and performing in what is rapidly becoming my most produced short play to date!