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What's the Meta?

I'm pleased to announce that my short play "What's the Meta?" will be included in the upcoming tenth edition of the Bedford/St.Martin’s textbook The Bedford Introduction to Literature. I'm very honored to have a work of mine included in such a respected (and best selling) publication, which is written and edited by the noted scholar and author Michael Meyer.

After all of my recent immersion in the frontier world of ebooks, it makes for a lovely counterpoint to have a work of mine included in a great big, hardcover, 2000+ word tome!
"What's the Meta?" is one of eight short plays in my recent collection "The Meta Plays" and was originally published by Smith & Kraus in the anthology "2009: The Best 10-Minute Plays for 2or More Actors (Contemporary Playwrights Series)".
The Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing, 10/e, by Michael Meyer is tentatively scheduled for release January 2013.

Paperback Editions Now Available in Europe

I'm very pleased to announce that very soon all of my books that are currently available in paperback editions in the U.S. will also be available in paperback in the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy.
I've made most of my books available in paperback form where feasible, as I know there are many people who - quite understandably - still prefer to hold a physical book in their hands and read from paper pages rather than screens. I completely get that, and that's why, in the U.S. at least, I've been diligent in making sure hard copies were available for those who want them.
But now, I'm happy to say, they will also be available in Europe, too. Actually, I just checked and it looks like most of them are already available on the Amazon U.K. site. Perfect!

Schism now in Audio Book Edition

Well, with all of the activity surrounding the release of A Mouth Full of Ashes, I forget to mention something else quite significant that happened just recently. At long last the Audio CD edition of Schism was finally made available for purchase. It's narrated by the frighteningly talented Peter Bishop and is available on Amazon (through, directly from Audible, as well as iTunes.
Reaction to the book since its launch back in November has been interesting, to say the least. People either seem to love it or hate it. Almost nothing in between. It seems to be rather polarizing and I'm not sure why. I think part of the problem lies in the big free promotion the book had back in March, which resulted in many thousands of downloads. Free promos can be great at helping to get your work out there, but inevitably your book will fall into the hands of those who are not your target audience, and who, when/if they get around to reading it, are most likely not going to like i…

I’m Interviewed on Cents-ible eReads today

Yes, those fine folks over at Cents-ible eReads – the eBook site that discriminating readers prefer in taste tests all across the country – have featured me in their author spotlight today. There’s also a sound clip of me reading from my latest book release A Mouth Full of Ashes. Head on over there now and discover this great – and rapidly growing – site for yourself. It’s definitely one to bookmark for both readers and authors.