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See "The Craft" Live on Stage!

Yes, it's true, you can now view the Woy Woy Little Theatre's production of The Craft thanks to the deft filmmaking talents of Gavin Critchley, the show's stage director at the Woy Woy production and subsequent TheatreFest production. Not only do you get to experience Gavin's brilliantly put together film of the play, you also see what a truly excellent job he did at directing the play for the stage.

As if that weren't enough, you also get to enjoy the amazing talents of Gerard Dunning and Helen Herridge as they navigate what is actually a very challenging piece of theatre to pull off. But pull it off they do, and in high style. I was so impressed by their performances and I can't thank them and Gavin enough for doing such a first-rate job with my play. I hope you enjoy watching the results of their hard work and incredible talent as much as I did.

The production was filmed at the Peninsula Theatre, Woy Woy, NSW, Australia in May of this year.