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Gosh, it feels like an eon has passed since I last blogged, so I wanted to drop in and give a few updates. I've been going through some major life transitions over the past few weeks (all good), which have disrupted my normal ebb and flow to quite a large extent. On top of that, I've had a couple of medical issues that I've needed to get sorted out. This included a "tenotomy" on my right elbow this week for lateral epicondylitis, or what used to be called "tennis elbow". (I should disclose that I haven't actually picked up a tennis racquet since I was about 15-years-old...with very good reason.)
Interesting, then, that I choose to exert it by writing a blog post just two days into my recovery. But, then that's just me, I guess. Logic, practicality and I have always had something of an uneasy relationship.
Speaking of odd relationships, I also wanted to let you know about the new book I'm working on. This is an adaptation of my one-act play…

New Release: Broken World

I've just released my latest collection "BrokenWorld" on Amazon, which consists of three darkly humorous dystopian short stories set in a world gone wrong. Are these tales a harbinger of the future of our planet or a testament to what's already taken place? Perhaps they're both.
I hope you'll check it out and decide for yourself...
Broken World: Three strange and darkly humorous dystopian tales of a world gone wrong:

Cafe Grotesquerie

In a broken world there exists a strange and sinister eating establishment unlike anything known or imagined - referred to in some quarters as Cafe Grotesquerie - where only the most discriminating and well-connected are privileged enough to enter its doors and devour its dark delicacies. Once inside, however, status still reigns supreme, and for one particular couple - Audrey and Aubrey - a hunger for power proves far more desirable than anything on the menu. But when confronted by a supercilious sommelier, the suspiciou…