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I received a lovely review for The End of the World this week, courtesy of Jessica Knauss, Famous Writer. Jessica had won a copy of my first person short story collection The Impressionists in a giveaway I'd held at LibraryThing, and had enjoyed it so much she decided to check out The End of the World and subsequently write a review of it on her blog.

It's a lovely, smart and insightful review, and I'm so glad she enjoyed it. It's also the first time the book's been described as "cheeky" which I must confess I find rather wonderful.

The New Book

I'm currently hard at work on my next book, entitled "Schism." It's in equal parts humorous, unsettling and tragic, and could be described as a psychological thriller of a different breed. The main protagonist, Horatio Higgins, is, in my humble opinion, one of the most interesting and complex characters I've ever written and I hope to share him with you in the next month or two.

Which reminds me...back to work!

The Reader's Guide

The End of the World is one of the featured books on today’s The Reader’s Guide. The site publishes information on quality reads and bargain ebooks for both Kindle and Nook. It’s a relatively young site, but one that seems certain to grow into a great resource for readers looking for high quality books at affordable prices. Please check it out here.

Ereader News Today!

The End of the World is Ereader News Today's Book of the Day. You can check it out here.

Book of the Day!

Kindle Nation Daily's Book of the Day today is The End of the World. You can check it out here.