"Filler" selected for Original Playwrights Festival

I'm very pleased to announce that my short play "Filler" has been selected for City Theatre of Independence's 5th annual Original Playwrights Festival, taking place July 11th - 14th at the Powerhouse Theatre in Independence, MO.

The play is taken from my collection "The Meta Plays," a series of eight short plays that take a few metaphysical liberties with theatrical conventions.

"Filler" at first appears to be a tale of undercover intrigue as two characters anxiously await the arrival of a third party. Soon, however, it becomes apparent to one of them that the third party is never going to turn up...not because of any slip up in their plan, but because the playwright never intended it to happen. They soon realize that their scene has very little to do with the rest of the play and that they essentially only exist as filler to pad out the overall length of the larger work, sending one of them into an existential crisis.

In "The Meta Plays," "Filler" is, not surprisingly, scheduled to play somewhere around the middle of the show. The final play in the series is titled "Tacked-On Ending."

Anyway, I sincerely hope rehearsals go well and that the festival is a great success!

P.S: Stay tuned for more news on "The Craft" and its continuing and totally amazing Australian odyssey.


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