Opening Night for "The Craft"

Tonight is (or I should say was in Australia at this point) the opening night for my short play "The Craft" at the Woy Woy Little Theatre on Australia's Central Coast, as part of their season of one act plays. I just want wish everyone involved in all three of the plays every success for the length of the run and I hope "The Craft" gets plenty of laughs.

I also wanted to share this terrific graphic they've made for the show.

Break a leg, all!

I also heard word from the director of the recent New York reading of the play with Playhouse Creatures Theatre Company that it was a big hit with the audience, who "laughed their ***** off", according to reports. What more could I ask for?


  1. Excellent news! Are you in Australia for the opening?

  2. Thanks, Wayne! No, I'm not but I sure wish I was. I'm stuck here trying to prod my ninjas into action.

    1. Fire them all and get new ones.
      I find Eastern European ninjas to be a bit more "forcefully effective" when selling their wares.


  3. Oh, I would kill to see that play performed. I read it and am still laughing over it. It was brilliant. Keep us updated.

  4. Jeanne, you know how much I value and respect your opinion, so your robust endorsement of "The Craft" makes me a very happy man indeed. Thank you so much!

    And Wayne, that seems like sound advice. Bulgaria and Serbia here I come.


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