Coming Soon...

Well, soon-ish. The end is finally in sight for the completion of my short story The One-Eyed Guru. To be honest, it's been a lot more work than I imagined when I began it, but I think it will have all paid off in the end. Talking of ends, I'm now just tweaking and toying with the ending. As always, endings are so critical. Someone can read something you've written and thoroughly enjoy it all the way to the last few pages, but if you blow the denouement then they walk away less than satisfied.

On a separate and entirely unrelated note, I was horrified to learn yesterday of Denmark's plan to ban Marmite - apparently because it's fortified with added vitamins! Who doesn't love added vitamins? I can't get enough of them to help prop up my generally poor intake of all that's good for me. And if you're not familiar with Marmite, it's a yeast extract spread that people tend to either love or hate, but if you love it, having some spread on hot buttered toast with a nice cup of tea is next to nirvana. I'm not quite sure how the rest of the world should respond to this, though I expect tactical airstrikes are out of the question. But if there's anyone in Denmark reading this and having Marmite withdrawal symptoms, I'll be happy to airlift you an emergency supply.

I just realized I've spent more time talking about Marmite than my upcoming ebook. You see its power?


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