I've Had a Facelift!

Well, not me (not yet), but the blog has. You try to resist. You say to yourself that this was the way it was made, the way it started out, and if it's starting to show its age or look a little rough around the edges, well...it just adds character. So what if there's a lot of younger, prettier, high-tech blogs out there, shamelessly batting their eyelashes out into cyberspace. Readers will see through them. They might have the odd dalliance, but they'll always come back to me in the end, because I'm what they know. I'm familiar and comforting. I make my readers a home-cooked meal every single night and always tell them how much I love them. Who wants Ke$ha when you have Peggy Lee?

But then you recall that wretched but true old adage about familiarity breeding...well, if not contempt, at least indifference. So under the knife I went.

It's still very much a WIP (work in progress, in case you're not hip to internet speak - which I most definitely am not and have to rely on my crossword puzzle solving skills or, more often than not, Google, to try and understand some forum thread abbreviation). So bear with me. If, for instance, you click on one of the above tabs you will find...absolutely nothing. But you will quite soon. And, being a WIP, anything you see right now is subject to change.

In the meantime, I'll still be here, administering hot cups of tea and soothing words to all who may need them (and pimping my work, of course).

So, in short, pardon my appearance.


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