A Number 1 Book!

Yes, okay, it's a free download, but trust me, getting big downloads, even for free copies, can be quite a challenge.

Yesterday I decided to do a 2-day free promotion of my short story collection The Impressionists to see if I could get it some attention that it had been severely lacking. I consider the stories in that collection some of my best writing, and as proud as I am of them, it pained me to see them drift off into that vast sea of obscurity in Amazon's mega slush pile.

So imagine my surprise (not to mention happiness) when I saw that it had reached the #1 spot for short stories (free bestseller list) on Amazon US!

I just hope that when those who have downloaded it get around to pulling it out of their (probably massive, with all the free books that are available right now) TBR list, that they enjoy them. Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying having reached this little milestone.

Back later with my end of year final post!


  1. Congratulations - all the best for 2012.

  2. Thanks so much, Helen! Have a fantastic 2012!


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