Broken World 2: Foreign Bodies - Out Now!

The next installment from the Broken World collection is out now! Foreign Bodies is a darkly humorous dystopian short story that is part political commentary, part dark satire.

Foreign Bodies is adapted from the stage play I wrote of the same name, way back in 2004, which was originally produced in New York by Emerging Artists Theatre in the spring of 2005. At the time I wrote it there was a conflict going on that I was deeply opposed to and had been since before its inevitable onset. The play was intended as a futuristic, blackly humorous vision of the result of this conflict, where the spoils of war were likely to blow up in your face. Interestingly, though, my dark vision of a future where people vacation at hotels located in war-torn areas of the world has now seemingly come to pass to some degree, which, in case you didn't see it, you can read about here.

Anyway, here's a little more about Foreign Bodies:

Victoria and Max have just arrived at their hotel, La Guerre Sans Fin, ready to enjoy an exotic bargain-priced getaway in one of the less hospitable corners of the planet. Unfortunately for them, between what they perceive to be plagues of marauding insects and wildly erratic weather patterns, their holiday soon becomes a far more perilous enterprise than anticipated. When a group of local tribesmen appear on the scene, however, they at last begin to feel as though things are about to brighten up for them. And in this broken world of theirs, indeed they are... 


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