Monologues from ‘The Craft’ to be Published in New Anthology

Monologues from ‘The Craft’ to be Published in New Anthology

Two monologues from ‘The Craft’ are to be included in a new anthology from theatrical trade publisher Smith & Kraus, Inc., entitled ‘222 More Comedy Monologues, 2 Minutes And Under,’ edited by John Capecci and Irene Ziegler. Publication expected early 2017.

It’s been an astonishing 12 years since I had monologues from ‘Cuthbert's Last Stand’ and ‘Kitchen Sink Drama’ published in this forthcoming book’s predecessor, ‘222 Comedy Monologues 2 Minutes and Under, Volume 4,’ so I find it somewhat remarkable that after all these years we’re both still going strong.

One of the things I like most about these collections is that they’re specifically focused on comedy monologues. Comedic writing is all too often made to take a backseat to its dramatic counterpart, and that’s both unfair and unfounded. It’s as if, in the process of making someone laugh, a work of comedy becomes viewed as something frivolous and trifling, and consequently the skill involved in its creation is frequently perceived as being equally lightweight. As a writer of both comedy and drama, I find each comes with its own specific challenges and certainly neither presents itself as an easier option. And as an audience member, I’d rather sit through a bad drama than a bad comedy any day of the week. The former is likely to be merely tedious, but the latter can make you die a little inside as each painful attempt at humor falls flat. In short, comedy is no laughing matter…just like that pun.

So hats off to Irene Ziegler and John Capecci for bringing out this new collection of comedic monologues for discerning actors everywhere, none of whom, I’m sure, need reminding that the fastest way to a casting director’s heart is through his funny bone.


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