Cheerio...and Don't Forget to Write

Yes, it's finally happened. This week I made a final few revisions to "The Treachery of Images" and summarily sent it off into the great world beyond. What will become of it I do not know. My hope, of course, is that it lands at an Ivy League college, continues on to a staggeringly successful career, and generally makes a grand impression on all that cross its path, in turn making itself (and me) very proud. My fear is that it will crash and burn soon after takeoff, ending up on the streets, living hand-to-mouth and whoring itself to feed its ravaging heroin habit. Oh, the worry of it all!

But the truth is, I have absolutely no idea what the reaction to this play will be. It could be viewed as quite a downer, the subject matter being what it is. It's certainly pretty heavy stuff, with very little humor in it at all, and what there is is of the blackest and most acerbic kind. Furthermore, it contains just two characters and everything happens in real time in one room. On the other hand, it could be received as an emotionally charged exploration of a unique moral dilemma that any of us could (but hopefully never will) find ourselves embroiled in. It could be loved or's anyone's guess.


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