The Long Goodbye

Yes, the parting is still in process. While most of the drafting I'm doing now is simply polishing and tightening, there have been a few places that I've felt the need to rework because I wasn't completely happy with them. It's been going well, but I won't be sending the play anywhere until I've got it exactly where I want it.

The one concern I do have for the play, other than people finding it to be a complete downer, is the length. It runs at about 52 pages. The general rule of thumb (which is often very inaccurate) is one page per minute. This would make my play too short for most theatres if taken on that criteria (or criterion, to be correct) alone. However, the play has a number of lengthy monologues embedded within it, not to mention the frequent pauses and silences that occur throughout, both of which should see it running at closer to 70+ minutes in my estimation (hope). If it doesn't, then that's the way it will have to be, as I will not pad it out for any reason. My own read-throughs seem to back up my opinion, but I guess I won't really know until I have a couple of actors giving it a proper going over.

Oh well, back to my goodbyes...


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