The End of the World Reviews

I’ve received a very nice review for The End of the World from the terrific folks at the Literary R and R blog, and a five star review on Amazon from the immensely gifted, award-winning British writer Helen Smith, along with a wonderful piece about the book on her blog.

It’s quite nerve-wracking to open your work up for critique, and even after all these years of having my plays produced and reviewed, it still doesn’t get much easier. But this was very welcome news and I’m quite thrilled by the response so far.

It’s also a rather odd feeling presenting myself as the writer of a book. I feel like something of an interloper. I’ve written so many plays over the last decade and have been fortunate enough to have had almost all of them produced at some point, but the literary world is a very different place, and I’m a newbie in that arena. Actually, I kind of like it. Just as I liked adapting the play into a book. It’s a new challenge that takes me out of my comfort zone, which is always healthy.

I have another play of mine that I’m also considering adapting. It’s a one-act and would translate into a short story, but I’ve a feeling it could work. This one’s far more naturalistic in style than The End of the World.

And then the big question – do I attempt to write a novel from scratch? Gulp!

Anyway, do check out Helen’s books at her blog – she’s an amazingly talented writer. I’ve only read Alison Wonderland to date, but it’s a must read that more than deserves all of the acclaim its received. The others are next on my must read list. She’s also made some free podcasts, which are also available on her blog. If you’ve ever wanted a behind the scenes peek into the process of writing a book you have to check them out.

P.S: Talking of reviews, if you’ve been following the Jacqueline Howett saga, you may interested (horrified) that it’s even made The Guardian Book Blog today. Blimey!


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