Robert Pattinson Wants My Number!

Since The Craft is currently being turned into a short film by Emmy Award-winning editor and filmmaker Andy Lewis, I began to wonder who would play the title character, Horatio Higgins, if Schism was ever made into a movie.

Besides all of all the names of actors I thought would make a great Horatio, I also thought of those that seemed the least likely fit for the role, and on top of that list floated the name of Robert Pattinson. But then I thought about it a little more and realized that the idea wasn't as outlandish as I'd originally imagined. After all, take a look at this picture...

Now that's an image of someone who could conceivably be experiencing emotional problems, wouldn't you say? He certainly seems quite vexed in my opinion, even if the shot was intended to portray something more akin to glamorous angst or a James Dean-like pout. But then I came across this picture...

I think even the most generous and forgiving observer would have to admit that this is not the look of someone who is in full command of their mental faculties. The hairstyle alone suggests a clear and indisputable breakdown with reality. And to feel comfortable enough to actually pose for a picture while in this condition is - much like the hairdo - verging on madness.

So perhaps Robert Pattinson would make an ideal Horatio Higgins after all. And now that the Twilight Saga has come to an end, I'm sure he'll be looking for that next breakout role.

Robert, I think I have what you need. Call me.


  1. LOL...This gave me a good morning chuckle.

  2. Thank you, Jeanne! I'm very glad :)


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