“A Small Act of Vandalism” in London

Which almost sounds like a headline from the Evening Standard, doesn’t it. Except for the fact that a small act of vandalism would hardly be considered headline-worthy in a city the size of London.

No, it’s actually in reference to my short one-person play A Small Act of Vandalism, which I’m happy to report has been selected by the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre in London to be included in its annual new writing event, the Write Now Festival.
The show takes place on Saturday 17th May at 5pm and 7:45pm at the Brockley Jack Studio Theatre, in South East London.

I’m very excited to be included in the festival, and especially glad to have this particular piece finally receiving a public performance. It touches on a subject that isn’t discussed nearly enough, so hopefully this engender some thought and discussion afterwards. The theme given for this year’s Write Now Festival was/is ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’.

And if you’re in the area and considering going along to see the festival, I should also mention that the Jack Studio Theatre was the winner of ‘Most Welcoming Theatre’ (South East) in The Off West End Theatre Awards in 2013…so you’d receive a warm welcome!


  1. Congrats! Wish I could see it. Will it come out in a collection at some point..I'd love to read it.

    1. Thank you so much, Jeanne! I'll be sure to get you a copy to read. Thanks for your interest in it.

  2. I am using your 'Mother was very ill" monologue in many of my auditions and classes. It is perhaps one the most well written pieces I've studied in a long time. I can use several choices that affect me differently every time I read it aloud and it comes out differently, yet poetically, every time. I look forward to studying the rest from you "50 Monologues They'll Remember You By" book.

    1. Thank you very much indeed for your very kind words regarding my monologue from “A Small Act of Vandalism.” I can honestly tell you that there’s nothing more gratifying for me as a writer (and former actor) than to have my writing chosen by actors for use in their auditions – it’s truly the ultimate compliment. I’m so glad you were able to connect so strongly with this piece and I hope you’ll find others in the book that will prove of equal benefit. And thank you for buying the book, by the way, and trusting in my words.

      I so appreciate you reaching out and letting me know that my writing has made an impact, and I wish you every success in your acting career.

      With sincerest thanks,



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