Suburban Redux Now Available on Amazon

It’s taken a while, but the original play script of Suburban Redux is finally available in the Kindle Store. This is the expanded, full-length continuation of my popular one-act play Cuthbert’s Last Stand, which is also available on Amazon.

Suburban Redux received its debut production through Unwashed Grape Productions (under the title “Cuthbert's Last Stand - Uncut!”) at Théâtre Ste-Catherine, in Montréal, Canada back in 2006, before going on to a highly successful run at the Lowry Lab Theater in Minneapolis, MN in 2011, produced by Gadfly Theatre Productions. Back then, GTP was a start-up company and Suburban Redux was chosen as its premier production. I'm happy to see that they've gone from strength to strength since that time.

The play also has a number of its monologues published in various audition monologue anthologies scattered around the country, so anyone coming across one of them and wanting to read the entire script can now do so.

Also, for those who don’t enjoy reading scripts, a novella adaptation of the play is primed and ready to go, so look out for that to be published in the coming days.

It’s a veritable Suburban Redux redux!


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